Interlaboratory Program

How it works

This program consists on bimonthly meetings where samples of commercial fertilizing products are distributed and are analyzed by the participants through previously established official or non-official methods. Results are sent to the coordination service that evaluates them through specific statistical criteria for interlaboratories, whose final analysis is discussed in the meetings. In these meetings, analytical problems and difficulties, legislation problems and others related to fertilizer’s analysis are also addressed. It is important the attendance of responsible persons of laboratories participating in the program, since, minutes of meetings, result spreadsheets, analysis methods and guidance are distributed via e-mail.

Who participates

Laboratories from fertilizer manufacturing enterprises and laboratories providing services to that market.


Benefits of participation in the interlaboratory program are:

  • Better reliability in quality analyses
  • Improvement in methodologies
  • Reduction of systematic errors
  • Certificate of proficiency